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Sunday, September 6, 2009

a piece of memory

Sometimes images of the past come back to us, bringing back sweet or maybe, bitter memories. they may be embedded deep within our mind and appear again at any moment. Reminiscing the moments may bring tears, or perhaps laughter. Most importantly, they remind us of who we were, and what we wanted to be. Though, sad memories may leave a deeper print, a bigger scar behind which were probably meant to stay permanently. But i know if i believe with my heart, those pains and hurts can become memorable ones instead of heart-aching ones because they become trials instead of dark pits.

Yesterday, a piece of childhood memory came back to me. It was quite amazing cause i was trying to sleep and it just came into my mind. I was back to 6 years old, a not-so-cute little kid with small eyes and nostrils that stick out like a pig. I would say i wasn't ugly( that's what only i thought) but in reality, i have to admit i was not the lovable and cute one everyone would fuss over(it's not like im desperate for those anyway), but still, as a child, i still knew in my innocent heart that i didn't get the attention other kids were having when we went for the china trip. The tourist guide was in love with a cute little boy( i think, coz all the adults seem to be crazy for him), okay, maybe im exaggerating-.-

anyway, back to the story, so i was not lovable, in the same way, when we were in the bus for a long journey to somewhere, the tourist guide tried to convince the little boy to sing in the bus.( where you have to hold the super loud microphone and sing into it and everyone in the bus would look at you) Plus, the tourist guide offered a pear to the him if he sing any song! ( which includes ABC) However, the shy little cute boy was not willing, so she/he ( i can't remember!) had to let out the offer to other kids. I don't remember why i raised my hand and walked to the front, but come to think of it, i was very brave! At the top of my voice, i sang red little indians and i received a number of applause! red with excitement and happiness, i got the pear then i went back to my seat, giving my mum the pear, expecting it to be save in her hands.

now you probably know what happen to the pear. When i woke up, it was gone.
a. Mum ate it
b. Mum lost it
c. Mum gave it to the little boy

She gave it to the shy little cute boy !! he was so spoilt that he kept crying when he saw that i got the pear! talk about the power of jealousy! My mum pitied him and gave it to him, why didn't she pitied me? I don't really remember what happen next,but there are a few alternatives:

a. i cried
b. i sulked the whole day
c. i just felt sad and kept quiet
d.i asked back for the pear(even if i did so, my mum probably stopped me, or maybe the boy had already eaten it)

In short, i ended with no pear after i sang little red indians. How unfair><

On the other hand, if i take this incident in a good way, that's still a great experience because as i think of it, i learn to bless others as to realise that the sweetest moments may not be when you are eating the pear, it is when you know you did the correct thing. After all, it's just a pear.

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