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Peace beyond understanding

I believe that the epitome of peace is to have a calmness that surpasses our understanding, circumstances or consequences. If we expect something good to happen for us to have joy, or we expect the bad situation to pass for us to experience peace, we are not experiencing the true joy and peace that God offers to us. If we live in constant anxiety but say we trust God, do we really trust Him? If we wait for someone to reconcile with us before we forgive, is that really true forgiveness? Everything that Jesus preaches and does, goes beyond our understanding and ability to reason, it makes no sense, it does not follow the rules of the world, it goes above and beyond, it gives what we don’t deserve, it is gracious beyond words. When will we start to mirror that as children of God? How can we say we follow Jesus but expect something in return every time we do good, how can we say we are thankful for grace when we are not gracious with our words or actions in our daily lives, how can we jud

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