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Thursday, August 11, 2011

keeping your dreams alive

I felt a need to write about my experience with the refugee kids even though i'm so tired now =)
I just came back from an outing with the Sunway Christian Fellowship members. We went to a learning centre just to spend time with the children and to bless them with what we had. There were games, singing, a sketch and sharing session and food =D I really enjoyed myself as much as the children did. Trust me, they were extremely excited, happy.. and LOUD. Thank goodness we didn't tear the whole place down. haha.

This is my second time but I still didn't know what to expect. However, I was very excited about this trip since last week. =P  As I was preparing my heart for this session, I decided to go with what I've learnt all these while, knowing that there's still so much to learn on dealing with children.
Throughout the session, I was just being myself, trying my best to know the children a little better. Anyhow, because of the difficulty of understanding their language and they understanding ours, we only managed to talk a bit. Somehow, there are always new things to discover in every little thing happening around us. I came to realize that communication doesn't just happen verbally, the eye contact, the smile, the gestures and signs you put together to make communication possible, they all count.

I didn't even realize that I've been smiling all the way through. It's so true that the greatest joy is found in giving, not receiving =) Giving what God has given to me to the children, be it love, gifts or assurance, certainly made life so much purposeful to me. I know that if I ever grow weary one day and ask myself  "what am I doing this for?" I'll know where to find the passion for this dream of mine.

when the children were asked to draw out their "dreams", I'm amazed by the dreams they have and believe in, big or small, they all mattered to them =) most importantly, it came from their hearts.

I have a simple dream too. Seeing every smile that appears just because of a simple task I do makes everything worth it for me. however, just by dreaming alone is not enough, I hope that this aspiration is kept alive, that I'll go for it, even by stretching myself further.

Before leaving, the children came running to me and gave me high 5's
remembering something I learnt from the last experience, I looked into their eyes and hugged them.
"good bye"we said, but I hope I left something behind, just by showing how much we loved them.

I gave my drawing of a princess to her. She smiled, grasping it with her tiny hands.
"keep your dreams alive" i wrote beside my drawing.
yes, keep your dreams alive.

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