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Friday, March 25, 2011

things that made me smile =)

1. hugging the cowie soft toy that cynthia, florence, shirley and xin wei bought for me as my birthday gift!!!! i love it =D
2. shopping with florence which resulted in empty purses, but overloaded bags. hehe. but it's just once in a while!
3. finally being able to update my blog again, thanks to someone =)
4. getting decent results for my spm =D
5. being able to spend time just chatting with my best friends back home.
6. jamming with my "bandmates" in the power studio and doing some crazy stuff. =P
7. flipping to the front page of my precious book and seeing the words of my own handwriting, which reminds me of everything sweet.
8. receiving smiles out of gratitude when i told them about the free parking tickets given as a blessing to all.
9. being hungry and knowing that there're people who emphasize that sharing is caring, that i'll never go hungry =)
10. knowing that God's plans for me are always the best. No matter what it is, He's good all the time =)

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