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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

help debate part 2

i know it's kinda late, but i was busy so finally when i can spare some time, here i am again so that i will not forget what happened in the memorable 3 days =)

so where was i?

oh, the suite part..
kays, so we found out that adam is staying with another 2 boys *very anxious to make new friends* *jump jump* where are they? where are they? we kept asking and checking adam's room as they may arrive any time. but of course, we had the debate practice in our room 1st and practically laughed over crap i said during some random rebuttal, for example "well look at the signboards across the road which shows the black yucky lungs! do you wana have lungs like that? noooo!!!" which made them kept laughing and i duno why.. well..and some other crap like boy's hair spray which pollutes the air (if you don't get what i mean, it's okay =P) not only that, they just don't get enough laughing over the way i say the word "because". while we...hahahha.. laughed over shermaine's gestures! we laughed and laughed and laughed then we raced back to adam's room to check whether the guys have arrived.

'ding dong'

............ no one opens the door

"i think they're not here yet" *2 guys open the door*

*ooh they're here* *excited*


then there was the introduction between 2 teams. so the 2guys were deric and ian, and there were 2 more girls, who were serene and alia.

then we started to discuss about the whole debate, and found out we were on the same side.opposition! then someone suggested to exchange information! *nods nods* then the alliance between 2 teams was formed, we shared any information we had, and helped each other with the rebuttal. IT was really helpful indeed, and we had so much fun! then we thought of a possibility, what if we were against each other in the nex debate? okay so don't exchange everything 1st, gotta preserve some information. then ian came up with a possiblity if we were opponents, it will be like "hey but yesterday IN YOUR ROOM, ON YOUR BED..YOU SAID..BLA BLA BLA." (cause we always hold our discussion on the bed where everyone sits on the bed while some hide under the blanket and some place their butt on my pillow =.= sheesh you know who) what would happen if we said that in front of the adjudicators? we laughed about that until the very last day =D be continued

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